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I knew it!   
12:02pm 19/01/2008

The very first one. I knew it. One day in Japan, I was sitting in the classroom, eating lunch with some friends. And then there was this bee. Except that this bee was longer than my middle finger. And I have very long fingers. And I was like, (O.o) !!!!!. And everyone else was like, haha, gaizin, you're so wierd! It buzzed about the window, then flew away. And my language skills simply weren't up to asking what the heck that thing was. And I never saw anything like it, or about it, again. I almost wondered if I'd been seeing things, or if this was some bizarre effect like phantasmagoria.

But no, it wasn't. And now I have proof. It was just a bloody big wasp.
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10:56pm 21/08/2007
mood: cynical
is being rich enough to own a darkroom.
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I didn't realize!   
09:58pm 21/08/2007
  Hirai Ken got his teeth fixed!

That's all.
Times Change!   
04:39pm 11/05/2007
mood: confused
So, I had a heart attack 4~5 months ago, when the exchange rate hit $1.90 to the pound, devaluing my savings terribly.

Today, I just about did a jig all over the room when I noticed that it had fallen below $2/pound*.

*This may depend on your bank. I like mine... A lot.

My finances are SO screwed...
"And then an Angel comes down and smacks the factors of production in the forehead."   
02:10pm 04/05/2007
mood: pessimistic
I just did a lecture with Paul Krugman. He had two profound insights.

  • It's not 1993 anymore.

  • China is really, really big.

He talked about this for an hour. It was severely depressing. Especially when he said that the US was back in the era of the Great Gatsby. And everyone laughed. LAUGHED! Like it was some kind of a joke, not the strongest condemnation of the United States and, indeed, the entire Global North that could be made.

Fascinating. But now I'm going to go cry infectually.
A quote:   
04:05pm 03/05/2007
mood: productive
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it....

--M. Gandhi

A real entry may be coming soon, but for the moment I'm so busy you would not imagine. I haven't had a night on my own for the better part of a month. Seriously.
Avebury, I think...   
06:28pm 20/04/2007
mood: giddy
is a great place for first kisses. I don't think it is be such a great place to be lost in when the stupid Wiltshire bus system stops running at half five in the evening.

Despite the fact that this early evening turned into quite an adventure, I think it was a great little weekend. Perhaps because of it, given that we ended up in a three-star hotel in the middle of nowhere. Evidently, this hotel used to host a steady parade of King Georges back in the day, and was right across the street from a cute little Thursday-morning market.

Salisbury is imprinted on my mind as the image of kind and laid-back smalltown England--far different from the city of London!-- and the picturesque landscape and rolling hills were pretty neat. I came back feeling far, far better than when I'd left, and I'm fairly optimistic about the near future.

Photos will be forthcoming shortly, both of the Salisbury/Avebury trip and of last week.
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Just thought I'd Share...   
07:31am 17/04/2007
mood: okay
Last night, my bus driver looked exactly like President Ahmadinejad of Iran. I mean, this guy could've served as a body-double or whatever.

I didn't find it really creepy or anything, but it did make me look twice.
09:41am 08/04/2007
mood: confused
Update: Just a short ways from my flat, there's a street with cherry trees! It doesn't match Japan, or even the Quad back home, but it was quite nice none the less.

Quite nice.

I hope some of the pictures come through!
The Sakura are in Full Bloom...   
09:08pm 04/04/2007
mood: nostalgic
Back in Kagosima. I wish that London had a park with sakura, very very much.
The Weather's Wonderful!   
12:15pm 02/04/2007
mood: cheerful

It's the perfect balance of sun and breeze--perfect for sitting in the park and doing my readings. I love it.
Theory and Reality: Blood seeps through the Cracks   
12:44am 21/03/2007
mood: On a Knife's Edge
Or, perhaps, "The Law of Gravity strikes again".

Why does it suck when things turn out as they should? And how can I avoid the Death Spiral?
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Pseudodate Tomorrow!   
03:38pm 16/03/2007
mood: excited
I'm excited!

In other news, I've started to differentiate accents here. It's really rather interesting--there are at least three distinct English accents between my flat and the grocery store. I couldn't tell you exactly how they're different yet, but it's fascinating.
I've been down a bit of late...   
10:25am 07/03/2007
mood: accomplished
Including most of yesterday. But after dark, I taught a foreign girl how to cheat on her boyfriend in English. It was a lot of fun, and I felt much better about life afterwards.

Now I need a shower.
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The Sights and Smells of Paris   
03:16pm 19/02/2007
mood: Shattered
I'm back, and attending classes. Paris was a great experience, and I'm no longer so impressed by the polyglots who speak 7 (European) languages--even I can imagine learning that many in a handful of years, should I spend a bit of time on the continent. I was stunned by how much I could understand, simply by listening.

Most embarassing moment: At the hostel, I exhausted my lingusitic talents asking to put my stuff in the safe. ("Le coffee, c'vous plais", disregarding my spelling), and the clerk (who did speak English) answering with a paragraph in rapidfire French, of which I caught not a word.

Proudest moment: The same. Most times, the replies were in English, though I hadn't spoken a word of it to the replier.

Pictures coming soon. I shot 2.5 gigs of them, and burned out the battery of my camera.
02:38pm 13/02/2007
mood: confused
Is the most depressing day of the year (perhaps apart from my birthday). Fortunately, my flatmates and I will be going to a Valentine's Day Pity Party, and follow it up with a Valentine's Day Pity After-Party. So it should be ok, especially since I don't have classes Thursday.

I think this is especially fortunate, that my flatmates are single too, because the past few days, I've been surprisingly down about my singlehood--especially disheartening after a year or so of blissful apathy (in the sense that, "I'm perfectly happy single, but if I find someone, I'll be happy too").

Today, however, I feel a little better because (I'm distracted) a couple of neat things are happening.
First, I am going to Paris for Chinese New Year, which should give birth to some number of delightful photos. Go impulsive ability to travel!
More lucrative, perhaps, regards an email I wrote my professor (the one who's my surrogate father) last week. I'm not going to spill the beans (kill the goose) as to the topic, but today we met to discuss it (as he'd been too busy to reply by email), and he a) completely buys the story I'm telling, b) loves the unituitive twist it puts on things, and c) thinks it could (should?) be expanded into an article. Though it may have just been a momentary "flash" of insight rather than a hint of true genius*, I'm really pumped about the idea of building it into an article proper, and getting published even before I apply as a PhD student.

*While I label it as an unituitive twist above--and maintain that it IS--I neverless simultaineously maintain that it was an utterly intuitive insight as well.
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So, I tried to book a trip to Paris...   
08:56am 11/02/2007
mood: Amused, but frustrated
I didn't manage to book a room. Instead, I ended up with a fax number in Holland. I mean, so you can send a fax to me, if you want to dial a Dutch number.

I'd really rather have a hotel, myself.

I'm tempted to go anyway--it can't be that bad to be homeless and in Paris, can it?
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Well, it's that time of year again...    
07:17pm 02/02/2007

As appropriate as ever, with my mood this week, and the lack of future prospects,* and the fact that there's no hot date for Ketuzin tonight. Oh, and the fact that his "friend" stood him up for coffee this afternoon.

So what am I doing to celebrate? I bought a LSE sweatshirt. Plus beer and ice cream, alone in my room. Surprisingly satisfying, though not as productive as I really should be.

*Future prospects may be brighter than they appear.
A Taste of History   
10:57pm 23/01/2007
mood: excited
Tonight I walked up to Tottenham Court Road after class for a drink. Entirely by chance, the pub we stopped in at (The Black Horse on Rathborne Place) happened to be favoured by Marx, back in the day. It was a most exiting realization, that we were sitting there just as he did a century and change before.

As an aside, I gave a presentation on Neomarxist theorists in IR this morn, which was a smashing success. Between that and other conversations I've had of late, I feel very intellectual.
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失敗・・・かな(Advice humbly requested)   
01:18pm 20/01/2007
mood: embarrassed
So, let's suppose you ask someone out. Let us further suppose that you then discover that the restaurant doesn't exist (anymore), what is your next step? If you return home without eating, in favour of another day, how do you go about it (other than making certain that the next place you try exists)?

And how does this change if you're not entirely certain if the attractive individual in question realizes you were asking them out?

On the up side, I had a delightful morn, and I've finally managed to see the changing of the guard. Impressive, and with jazz music! pictures forthcoming
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